Tuesday, March 22, 2011

x bubble wrap and bustles x

Welcome back Meows!

I have had a very fun week this week! and hope you all have been enjoying yourselves... never forget that life is about enjoyment! =^_^=
Ok so last saturday was my fabulous photographer buddy Jez's birthday! (impbox photography)
And duh da duuuh! he made it BUBBLE WRAP themed!! I was so excited to hear it because i had all this bubble wrap i could use!

The house was completely covered in bubble wrap and my favourite part was the floor being covered in bubble wrap because u could stomp all the bubbles out!! >x<
I ended up making a bubble wrap tailored jacket and signature bow!
Check them out below! >.>

Bad photography skillz!

Close up of the heart pockets

Bubble lapel!!!

Bubble Bow <3 you protected me from rain hair! ^_^

Ok, so All in all it was a fantastic party! So this week i have decided to do another cute skirt!!
I found this left over black with mini white polka dot fabric in my sewing box so it was time to use it!!
I made a fitted hipster mini skirt with mini bustle on the back.. and its actually quite cute <3
take a looksey! >.>

Back (bad camera 0_o)

Close up of bustle-thingy!

Back wearing! (it is super difficult to take a picture of your own butt ill tell you!! T_T!!)

Yaaaaay another one! So one last thought before I go... I was very happy to recieve my order from T.U.K shoes today! (the delivery was very quick from the US less than 2 weeks!!) here is a cheeky shot of the 3 styles I got! Im going to have so much fun stomping around Sydney in these <3

Yummy >-<

Mew Mew..

Rachael xx


  1. OMFG those shoes are so GOOOOOD! I love how boredom leads to crafty cleverness, your blog is so much fun! :)

  2. girl u got mad skillz ! i wanna wear that bow tie lol